Dennis Swennen: three weeks in a row online auction, with horses we are proud of

Thursday, August 6, 2020

The pace has accelerated at the European Sport Horse Auction! For the next three weeks talented horses will be auctioned every week. In recent months it was every two weeks, a series in which at least 80 horses have been sold all over Europe and beyond. "And we now have something very nice to announce," says organizer Dennis Swennen.

"We are opening the three-week series with an exclusive opportunity for people to purchase quality. Kees van den Oetelaar has indicated that he wants to take it a bit easier, he no longer wants to give all his attention to who knows how many horses. He has bred this group of 20 horses himself or selected them together with the breeder. We are proud of that, because we consider Kees to be one of Europe's best discoverers of young horses. "

"They are all horses from a special pedigree. But, more than that, we know he doesn't play games. At the end of the auction, he does not buy back the horses himself, nor does he bit them up himself. I have never seen that at other auctions, that may be said also once in a while. They will all be sold effectively, this auction ends Sunday, August 9. "

From 12 to 16 August, the following group will be ready: "That week we have a group of 20 foals that we have selected and checked, foals that we are going to recommend with a good feeling. That way we give every breeder the opportunity to sell, without anyone naming nonsensical amounts. "

The third week the auction will take place from 19 to 23 August: "That is the cocktail for which we have gradually become best known: all kinds of horses, from recreational to experienced in the higher sport. Something suitable for everyone, without having to drive off the rubber under their car to find a horse. Watch, read the story and buy with a good feeling. "

The European Sport Horse Auction wants to assist breeders. That is why selections for foals will be organized again around mid-August, which will be sold in early September. 'And already a tip of the veil,' concludes Dennis Swennen, 'mid-September, as people know from us, we have the elite auction of ridden horses, rough diamonds that we have selected in recent months and that have been trained in our stables. Good bloodlines, with honest stories. But we will let you know more about that, of course. "

View the collections of the coming weeks here