Two-year-old Hermantico for 21,000 in ESHA

Montag, 8. Juni 2020

Of the 13 young horses that were sold on Sunday evening via the online European Sport Horse Auction, the two-year-old mare Hermantico x Chellano was the most expensive at € 21,000. A young Diamond de Semilly went for € 20,000 and a young Casall for € 18,000. On average, the horses raised € 11,500. "Very realistic prices," says organizer Dennis Swennen. "For the second time in a row, we effectively sold all the horses."

"I think it is just beautiful for the Hermantico breeder. That’s a man with a huge passion for breeding, but it is not for him to pay a rider, he has to sell the young horses. I think it is wonderful that the horse gets a nice price for such a person. "

"It is unbelievable that I have had so much telephone calls from people who still ask about the horses, even during the auction. They still want to try-out the horses, while they suggest that they are not sold. We don't do that. People sell and buy from us in confidence and we are not going to pull anyone’s leg, not even by bidding along or something. The no-nonsense factor is important to us. "

"I want to sell horses of which we think they are the better horses and will be surely become them. Preferably from honest people that you can meet later also. Who ultimately can sell the horses better through us. If you have people on the yard, the price can only go down. And with us only upwards…. "

The next online auction starts on Wednesday June 17. The bids will close on Sunday evening June 21 at 8 p.m. The ridden jumpers (4 to 10 years) will be published on the site in the coming days.