Welcome to the website of the European Sport Horse Auction!

ESHA organizes every year multiple horse sales auctions for promising show jumpers, dressage horses and foals in different locations.

ESHA gives everyone the chance to buy promising horses in a no-nonsense way at realistic prices from the extensive collection.

Upcoming auction: 
23-28/09/2019: 5-DAY Auction in Schijndel Netherlands


(De Molenheide, De Heikampen 7, NL-5482 ZR Schijndel, The Netherlands)

Monday 16/09/2019 - Sunday 22/09/2019
As of Monday 16/09/2019, the horses can be tried by appointment, daily from 13-18h.
Contact Dennis Swennen: +32 496 65 13 89

Monday 23/09/2019
ESHA Ridden jumpers
(45 horses and pony, 3 to 6 years old, under saddle)
10h-12h Arrival of horses
14h Presentation
18h Opening VIP buffet
19h Start auction
23h Afterparty

Tuesday 24/09/2019
ESHA Dressage
(35 horses and 10 ponies)
10h-12h Arrival of horses
14h Presentation
18h Dressage clinic of internationally renowned jury member Jacques Van Daele
18h Opening VIP buffet
19h Start auction
23h Afterparty

Wednesday 25/09/2019
14h Presentation and try-outs ESHA All Stars and ESHA Future and Experience***

Thursday 26/09/2019
ESHA Young jumpers
(50 horse, 2-3 years, free jumping)
10h-12h Arrival of horses
14h Presentation
18h Opening VIP buffet
19h Start auction
23h Afterparty

Friday 27/09/2019
ESHA Foal auction
(100 foals)
10h-12h Arrival of foals
17h Opening VIP buffet
18h Start auction
23h Afterparty

Saturday 28/09/2019
1) ESHA All Stars
(Yearlings, 2/3-year-old jumpers, hunters, dressage horses, recreational horses... sans réserve)
2) ESHA Broodmares
(Pedigree broodmares and 
pregnant mares)
3) ESHA Future and Experience***
(Experienced ridden horses and green young horses)
10h-12h Arrival of horses
15h Opening VIP buffet
16h Start auction
23h Afterparty

The available inspection reports and X-rays are published online per horse.

The stables are open continuously for viewing from 14h00.

Access to the public is free every day to the standing places and afterparty.

VIP tables have to be reserved in advance via the website or email.
This is already possible from € 150 per table of 4-6 people.
Look at VIP table reservation for more info.

More info about horses from our collection?
The horses can be tried by appointment.
Contact Dennis Swennen: +32 496 65 13 89

Livestream during the presentation and auction: 
(subject to good connection!)

Download the catalogue and auction order here.
The order in the catalog is not the auction order. This will be published shortly before the auction.
The auctioneer announces the catalog number when the horses enter the arena.

Telephone bidders: please contact us at least 3 days in advance via email with name, address, place of residence and photo/copy of your ID card.
Mention the horses/numbers you want to bid on, so we can contact you when they enter the arena. We ask for a deposit that is fully refunded or settled after the auction. There will also be a system for online bidding.

Planned auctions:

November 2019 ESHA On Tour Show Jumpers

September 2019: 5-day auction
Monday 23/09/2019: ESHA Ridden jumpers - Schijndel Netherlands
Tuesday 24/09/2019: ESHA Dressage horses - Schijndel Netherlands
Thursday 26/09/2019: ESHA 2 and 3-year-old jumpers - Schijndel Netherlands
Friday 27/09/2019: ESHA Foal auction - Schijndel Netherlands
Saturday 28/09/2019: ESHA All Stars - Schijndel Netherlands

Closed auctions:

12/06/2019 ESHA On Tour - Jumping Youngsters - Lochristi
31/03/2019 ESHA Dressage Auction - Schijndel Netherlands
31/01/2019 ESHA Youngsters Auction Bocholt Belgium
17-18-19/09/2018 ESHA 3-day-auction: Elite, Youngsters and Foal Auction - Schijndel Netherlands
14/04/2018 ESHA Sport Horse Auction - Schijndel Netherlands
16/09/2017 ESHA The Foal Edition - Schijndel Netherlands
25/03/2017 ESHA Sport Horse Auction - Schijndel Netherlands 
9/04/2016 ESHA Sport Horse Auction - Schijndel Netherlands